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BIO 100A Lab and Report Due Sunday
I need this BIO100 lab completed and a report written. To write the report you have to conduct the lab and take pictures to put into the lab report. The midterm is similar and I can provide that example....
Biostat hw: Rstudio- Multiple Explanatory Variables
- Must know how to use Rstudio - Knowledge of Multiple Explanatory Variables - Show work for questions - Explanation for answers will be appreciated...
can you take my biology exam please
can you please take my biology exam I want at least a B on it it’s for my biology 1402 general biology class exam at 9:00 am tomorrow. I want my average in the class to be higher price is negotiable...
Help me acquire a p value in my data analysis
What tests did you use to analyze your data? ●You should have some type of t-test, ANOVA, or other to show here o Clearly display p-value observed o Clearly display the alpha you were testing against (0.05 NOT 0.5) o What was your statistical test showing? Clearly state what that test was actually testing o What relationship was found? Significant, not significant? (NO CONCLUSIONS HERE) ●If applicable, also talk about the means/averages, modes that you found. For some of the groups this information is just as interesting as the statistical analysis data (for smaller data sets) o Most common species found? o Most common time that species was found? o Area that had the most species? Area where the most common species was found? ●Must have at least one data table o Don’t show raw information (tally-mark esq data). This would be a good way to show and display averages, modes, etc. ●Must have at least 2 graphs ●Must have statistical test table (t-test table print out, ANOVA table print out) Instructor said "I would do 2 t-tests, one comparing trash density between the two locations and then one comparing whatever variable for the fish you want to use b...
Modifying line types in a ggplot facet graph based on the levle of a single variables
i need to convert a graph to a form that can be published and be informative in greyscale. I have used mtcars to illustrate what I am trying to do. I have plotted the relationship between mpg and the number of cylinders, (using stat_smooth) for each of the 3 levels of the factor gear. I would like to have individual regression all be black, but differ in the type of line. I can change the shape of the symbols for each regression line using + scale_shape_manual(values=c(1, 10, 16)). I can change the colour of the actual 3 regression lines using + scale_color_manual(values = c("blue","red", "green")). But efforts to change the type of regression line using + scale_linetype_manual(values=c("dotted", "longdash", "solid")) seem to be ignored. I would like to make all lines black, but differ in the type of line. I suspect I have become confused as to where in the code that this feature needs to be. mtcars$gear<-as.factor(mtcars$gear) ggplot(mtcars, aes(x=cyl,y=mpg, shape=gear)) + scale_shape_manual(values=c(1, 10, 16)) + geom_point(size = 2, alpha = .8) + theme(legend.position="top") + stat_smooth(aes(colour=factor(gear)),method="lm",se =...
Biology II + Lab Online Course
2 Discussion 1 Lab Report and A quiz weekly for 8 weeks. I need to get an A in the course but have no time to complete it. I need someone to log into the course and complete it for me or I can submit the course work as it comes....
A study on the effect of C14H12O8 (growth hormone) on the growth of wheat (Triticum species)
To what extent do different concentrations of fulvic acid (C14H12O8, growth hormone) affect the growth (height in cm) of the wheat plant (tritium species) Materials: 10 Wheat seeds for each concentration Cotton Fulvic acid (C14H12O8) Water 125ml Flower pots Beakers (for different concentrations of fulvic acid (C14H12O8) Ruler (in cm) Methodology: Primary and secondary research EE reflection: I knew early on what I wanted the focus of my extended essay to be. I wanted to choose a personal interest as I knew that would increase my engagement with the subject matter. I brainstormed a few ideas with the biology teacher and decided on researching the effectiveness of different concentrations of fulvic acid on the growth of wheat seeds. I am interested in the science behind how a growth hormone can stimulate the growth of a plant....
Cystic fibrosis model experiment Lab report
Cse formatting Need a lab report done as soon as possible, all requirements are shown in photos and necessary information as well from my lab manual can be provided....
Scientific Writing Assignment
Assignment is in the attached files. Tips: Introduction/References Project Keep it simple. When coming up with your topic or idea or question to try to answer with your experiment. Can X cause Y and what are the impacts.? What are the effects of A on B? Once you have your question this will aid you in exploring the remainder of the questions in introduction. Think about model organisms to test the effects of A on B if possible. Think about how you would measure the impacts (variables). Is there research that could lead you to make a hypothesis of the effect of A on B? I will require a minimum of four sources. Ensure the document is in APA 7 format. RDP has a great resource guide as described in the lab. An alternative resource I can recommend which includes sample APA 7 papers and formatting is through Owl Purdue....
Liberty University BIOL 101 Quiz 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Answers

· Question 1

1.6 out of 1.6 points

Body systems work with each other in highly related ways. They perform functions that no one system could do alone. Which “Principle of Life” summarizes these facts?

Selected Answer:

Life is Internally Integrated.

· Question 2

0 out of 1.6 points

Which of the following principles of life describes a fundamental requirement for the growth of an organism:

Selected Answer:

Life is Finite.

· Question 3

0 out of 1.6 points

Plants and Animals are examples of major groups or organisms within a

Selected Answer:

three domain system.

· Question 4

1.6 out of 1.6 points

Which of the following is not a major group of organisms within a six-Kingdom classification system?

Selected Answer:


· Question 5

0 out of 1.6 points

Which of the following principles of life describes a fundamental requirement for the growth of an organism:...

I need help getting a final exam done for my eukaryotic cell biology class?
There is no need for any kind of textbooks. The class is on the eukaryotic cell and it was very rigorous and short with a lot of material. The exam is due by 6pm today....
Lab Report on Lung Volume Final
All major instructions are provided in the attached file on the second page. The data collected is also provided on the first page and all the data has been approved....
BIOLOGY ASSIGNMENT- hormone secreting cells mitosis immune response etc.
Good day. I have attached a Biology exam/ assignment that i would like to have completed by midnight tonight. Can you please take a look and let me know if you would be able to execute this for me. Thank-you...
FINAL EXAM Subject: Anatomy & Physiology- Biology 2023 Lab • Due May 4 at 12:50pm • Points 100 • Questions 26 • Time Limit 60 Minutes • Subject Division: • Body Organization and Anatomical Terminology- 10 points • Microscopy- 6 points • Osmosis- 2 points • Histology- 16 points • Integumentary 10 points • Skeletal System- 16 points • Joints-6 points • Muscular System-16 points • Nervous System-14 points • Special Senses- 4 points • Total points to earn 100 points....
Human Anatomy 2 quiz 65 questions Lymphatics, Immune, and Respiratory
In need of somone to tak emy online human anatomy exam coving basic topics. Multiple choice..........................................................................
Why are endocytosis and exocytosis considered active transport mechanisms if they do not necessarily move molecules

Questions 1. Why are endocytosis and exocytosis considered active transport mechanisms if they do not necessarily move molecules against a concentration gradient? Requires energy at some point in the process
2. What is clathrin and what is its role in receptor-mediated endocytosis? Clathrate helps build vesicle for endocytosis; Pulls the membrane and makes a bubble
3. Compare and contrast receptor-mediated endocytosis with phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
4. What are some other examples of proteins secreted by exocytosis that are essential for cell and tissue function?
5. From memory, sketch a section of the phospholipid bilayer of an axon terminal and diagram how neurotransmitter-containing vesicles secrete protein in the absence of BONT via exocytosis. On the drawing, add transmembrane receptor proteins that BoNT binds to and diagram receptor-mediated endocytosis of the receptor bound to BoNT and how it can influence exocytosis. "A Botched Botox Party in the Hamptons" by Adam J. Kleinschmit Page 2

1000 words Chromatograph case report
Chromatograph case report ---

Aim : To determine the plant product consumed by Amy in this case. To identify the toxins using external resources and chromatographic/mass spectral data Case: At approximately 13:30 on 15November 2020 the patient, Amy (aged 5), was walking in Sherwood Forest with her parents. Amy was watched by her parents but was allowed to explore independently within their sight. At 15:00 Amy was returning to her parents and had a pale and clammy appearance saying she had a pain in her abdomen. Amy collapsed a short time later. Her parents ascertained she was shallow breathing and had a fast heartbeat and called an ambulance at 15:10. East Midlands Air Ambulance attended. Amy was taken to A&E and administered emetics to expel her stomach contents.

Human Anatomy 2 exam
take online exam...
Biology course work help
Need at least 600 words on the structure of endospore, Can't be copied online need to be in your own words...
Module 1 Lab: Scientific Method
Please following the guideline attached...

What is biology and why it is important

Biology is a branch of science that studies living things and the world as a whole. As an undergraduate, you'll study how plants and animals develop; how they interact with their environment; and how they survive. Biologists learn about these topics by studying cells, tissues, organs, organisms (like people!), populations, communities, ecosystems--the whole living world! Though it sounds like biology is the study of life, it's actually the study of everything.

Biology majors learn to think scientifically and write reports that are clear and organized. They look at scientific problems from a variety of perspectives, reading other biologists' journals and writing their own reports. Biology students should love solving puzzles; they have the opportunity to explore new ideas and develop their own.

Biology majors will study a mix of topics in higher levels: evolution, genetics, ecology, microbiology, physiology, behavior. They'll also take courses that are not specifically biology but that involve biological topics such as psychology or economic botany.

Majoring in biology means you'll be an expert on living things, but it doesn't dictate what kind of work you will do after college. Many biology majors go into medicine or veterinary science; others study environmental issues like pollution and global warming. Biology majors learn valuable skills that they can apply to many different careers - for example, a biology major who loves art can become a conservation biologist, who helps preserve endangered species.

An undergraduate degree is the first step to becoming a researcher; other fields that biology majors often enter include business and law. If you want to go into one of these fields after college, you should take more classes that specifically focus on biology and the social sciences.

Biology helps prepare students to understand problems--and solve them--in any field that they pursue after college.

Importance of biology as a subject

Biology is one of the most important subjects in a child's education. We want children to love science and we want them to have an understanding of how the natural world works.

Biology gives children a greater appreciation and respect for all living things. To study biology is to look at life on earth, from the smallest cell, through humans to ecosystems - from bacteria growing on healthy skin to algae in lakes and rivers or forests.

Advantages of studying biology

Studying biology helps us understand ourselves, our environment, as well as how nature works. What can you do with such knowledge?

  • You could be employed by pharmaceutical companies that develop antibiotics or biodegradable plastic packaging.
  • You could carry out research into new drugs for treating cancer or any other incurable diseases.
  • You could work for the government in wildlife protection.
  • Learn about your family's genealogy and solve some of the puzzles that still exist.

Alternatives to studying biology

If you dread having to dissect animals during biology lab classes, consider human anatomy instead! This course will teach students about the inner workings of the body. Dissections aren't required in human anatomy classes (at least not most universities), so these will be much more pleasant classes.

How can you study biology?

You can pursue a bachelor's degree in biology, master's degree or doctorate--which is the highest level of education awarded by universities. You could become a teacher and teach others about science, or you could find employment as a zoo keeper or a biologist who studies sea life. You can also get involved with conservation work if that interests you. 

Occupations related to studying biology.

  • Zoology: A zoologist helps manage zoos and wildlife centers.
  • Biologists study ecosystems to protect them from pollution and natural disasters like floods and fires. They monitor air quality, water temperature, local animal populations--anything relating to living things on earth!
  • Other biologists specialize in genetics (classifying and promoting genetic diversity) or microbiology (studying and manipulating microbes).
  • A conservation biologist works with government agencies to protect endangered animals.
  • A botanist studies plant life, including how plants grow and what they're made of, studying effects of weather on plant growth, etc.
  • A forensic scientist helps solve crimes by examining evidence left at the scene or on a body. 

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What is Biology and Why You Need Help With Biology Homework Assignment

Biology is a natural science studies life, including living things, their function, maturation, and distribution. Biology also includes the study of the evolutionary relationships among organisms and the persity of life on earth. Biology draws on the sciences of chemistry and physics for its foundations and applies the laws of these disciplines to living things. Biology subdisciplines include practical and theoretical categories.

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  • Cellular structure and function
  • Anatomy
  • Body system
  • Ecosystem and interdependence
  • Molecular biology
  • Population biology
  • Evolution
  • Genomics

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bio homework help

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biology teacher meme

Things that you should know about biology courses

Here are some of the things you should know about biology before you can start doing biology assignments, exams, and papers.

  1. Biology is about more than memorizing facts; it's about developing an understanding of the living world. You'll be asked to explain why or how something happens, not just what happened. Even if you don't enjoy memorization now, try writing down important facts and summarizing them in your own words--it will help you think about what's important.
  2. No matter which concentration you choose [I always explained that we have concentrations such as Zoology, Botany, Microbiology], biology majors all learn how to apply scientific principles. Biologists are curious people who love learning new information but also want to use their knowledge to make positive changes in our world.
  3. The biology class doesn't end when you leave the classroom! You will need to study for exams and write papers for every course. This will be a big change from other subjects you've taken, where tests and papers are occasional projects rather than ongoing activities. You should start studying for every exam and writing drafts of your papers early in the term, so that you're not trying to learn everything at once right before it's due.
  4. Learning how to use the different types of scientific writing is important not only because it will help you do well in class but also because scientists need to write papers about their discoveries. These days, many scientific journals are available online for anyone to read! This means even elementary school students can find articles about some biology topics.
  5. As a biologist today, you have an opportunity to share what you know with everyone--not just college students. You might be a scientist working on finding treatments for diseases or developing new food crops, but your audience will likely be all of us.
  6. If you are not sure what kind of biology major to become, think about the kinds of things that interest you. Do you like science and math? Think about a career in medicine or research. Do you enjoy talking to people? You might make a good teacher! Are you interested in plants or animals? Then working at a zoo or museum could be appealing--and it's a great way to work with people who also love animals! Asking yourself questions like these can help you decide on the best career path for yourself. It can be hard to know exactly what will happen after college, but if you take classes that interest you (especially ones that involve your favorite aspects of biology), you are sure to be on the right track.
  7. The backbone of every living thing from a tiny amoeba to an enormous blue whale is made of cells, and all of the parts inside those cells work together in amazing ways.

Unbelievable Facts about Biology

Here are some interesting facts about biology that you might not know about:

  • Biologists who work with plants can tell how old a tree is by counting its rings, just as dendrologists do in the movie! Some trees have rings that show years of flood or drought; others show when fires or pests destroyed other trees nearby. There are even species of trees that only grow in certain areas because of what happened there during past centuries. The stump pictured here helped explain to visitors why the Great Smoky National Park was created: the area was once home to many great forests of southern Appalachian hemlock before a deadly fungal disease killed millions of trees in the 1930s.
  • Scientists have been able to determine the age of several ancient Egyptian mummies by examining their teeth for growth lines. Just as tree rings tell us about weather, these growth lines show how much each person ate while they were growing--or whether a person was eating well at all!
  • Biology provides insights into many fields beyond science. Although it's not required for every biology major to take psychology or economics classes, those who are interested will take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Biology classes do not present a list of facts to memorize; they will require you to create your own ideas and explanations from the new material you learn.

What you need to know about the biology major

Biology is a broad subject that's important to everyone, not just future biologists. It involves the search for answers to questions such as:

  • How are living things similar?
  • How do they differ?
  • How can we use plants and animals for medicine or food production?
  • What causes cancer and other diseases that affect humans as well as animals and plants?
  • How do we understand complex systems from cells to ecosystems?

These questions interest many students, whether their career plans include biology or not! The themes of rise and fall, coordination, resource management, competition/cooperation are all present in nature. These themes arise again and again in economics, politics and other social sciences.

How to find biology topic ideas for college students

Identify research topics that are important to people and apply your knowledge of biology. Use tools such as Google Scholar or Pubmed to search for prior publications. You might even find a published paper that seems like it was written for you! With an open mind, the ideas you put together will provide great discussion material for group projects and will do well in final exams and paper assignments.

Education in biology is now and will be for the foreseeable future a major component of biological conservation; biologists are addressing problems that range from control of invasive species to restoration of endangered species, including remedies for causes underlying biodiversity loss such as habitat fragmentation and climate change.

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