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BIOSTAT graduate level using R and plink
2. [65 points] Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) of Dichotomous Transferrin Serum Iron is essential for a number of biochemical functions including oxygen transport and oxidative phosphorylation. Excessive iron can cause various disorders, such as iron-overload-related liver diseases, whereas iron de ciency can lead to anemia. Iron status can be assessed by measuring the levels of serum transferrin in the blood. Transferrin is a beta globulin in blood plasma capable of combining with ferric ions and is essential for transporting iron in the body. A 2009 American Journal of Human Genetics article entitled \Variants in TF and HFE Explain 40% of Genetic Variation in Serum-Transferrin Levels Genome" by Benyamin et al. performed a GWAS of transferrin, and a link to this paper has been provided for you. You will conduct a GWAS of transferring for case-control phenotype of Transfer- rin using the PLINK le provided to your for Lecture 20 and write a report about your analysis and results. The PLINK les \Transferrin.bed", \Transferrin.fam", and \Transferrin.bim" contain genome-screen data for a sample of individuals with Eu- ropean ancestry. The phenotype le \TrBinaryP...