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Need help with my online math class, please and thank you.
Need someone to log into my online math class and complete the homework and tests. Willing to work something out weekly and pay more if done before due date :)...
Statistics Online Test/Exam next Friday
Need someone who guarantees that I’ll get an A on this test. The questions will be provided on the day of the test. It is going to be an online test. There is going to be a time limit of 1 hour for the whole test....
Statistics 244 project - regression
Statistics 244, project must be done in RStudio, can only use base R packages in RStudio. It is about simple and multiple regression. There is three steps and then a second part coming soon....
ATTACHED FILES ARE INCLUDED ON THE REQUIREMENTS Requirements for Data Analysis ProjectYou will be provided a large data set for analysis and reporting purposes. It is crucial that your charts and computer output be used to tell the reader what your conclusions are. The most important element in analytics is the findings reporting and communication, not the number crunching. Do not assume that the reader knows anything about your charts and computer output. You must tell the reader, in words, what your findings are and how the charts and computer output support your findings. Do NOT just paste some random charts and computer output into your report, with little comment, and submit that as your assignment. The data set contains several types of data. The categorical data is textual data having few different values. Numeric data has many possible numeric values. Date variables are calendar dates....
Biostats Excel Homework 9/23/2021
I need help finishing my Excel homework problems 4 and 5. No course textbook or source material are required to finish these. Everything you need is on the spreadsheets. I just have never used Excel before an since everything is online I am basically teaching myself....
Conceptual Exercise 1 Question Only Chapter11
In this homework, you know have to get the p-value more accurate than just less than or greater than 5%.Indicate whether the statement is true or not and why. New Conceptual Exercise Chapter11 1. You reject Ho for a t-test for two independent samples. Indicate which of the following are potentially viable criticisms for your conclusion and why. If valid, how could you address the issue? a) sample size is too small b) did not use a one-tailed test c) variances differ in the two equally sized sampled groups d) variances differ where one group has many more cases e) the dependent variable is ordinal with only four possible values f) the 95% confidence interval does not include zero g) the 99% confidence interval does not include zero...
Statistical Analysis for Criminology Research Proposal
FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT & PREPARATION FOR FINAL PROJECT Students’ cumulative knowledge will be assessed through a final research project. Students will need to review the “Statistics Data” file and determine what they would like to research for their final project. Students who do not use variables from the Statistics Data file will lose points on the assignment. The final research proposal should include: (a) a one paragraph description of the problem that provides context for their research questions (i.e., “why are you asking what you are asking in your research questions?”), (b) the research question(s), (c) what pieces of information the student would need to address the research question(s) and the level of measurement of each of the variables (from week 1), (d) which statistical test(s) the student would use to examine their research question (from weeks 4 – 8), (e) what would be the implications of the students’ research, and (f) how would the student disseminate their research within their organization. The final research proposal should be approximately two pages. Each component should have a subheading to help the reader navigate the student’s plan...
Strategic Marketing 487 course. ( Marketing Statistical Course)
strategic marketing 487 exam will be at 3:30 central time. It will consist of 10 or so questions. Usage of a SPSS statistics package may be necessary for you. I will login and send you pictures of the exam. Multiple choice exam....
Political Science Statistics Homework
Hello! I need assistance finishing up an online statistics course I am taking. I have two homework assignments I need finished and an online final exam that I will need taken. Hope you can help thanks! Attached is the homework that I need finished on 08/05/2021 at 4:00PM PST....
Fundamental of statistics and probalinities
Suppose a consumer group suspects that the population proportion of households that have three or more cell phones is 30%. A cell phone company has a reason to believe that the proportion is different from 30%. Their marketing team surveys 150 households with the result that 43 of the households have three or more cell phones. Will the team reject the null hypothesis that claims that the population proportion is equal to 30%?...
Probability and Statistics Final Exam
Hello, I am taking a Probability and Statistics course, this is the textbook we follow: "Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, by Jay Devore, 9th Edition" I need someone to sit a 1 - 2 hours online exam for me on August 3. The exam is mostly multiple choice questions but there are a few "fill in the box" questions. I expect or hope to receive a C+ and maximum a B on this final exam. The textbook is not required as I can provide all the PowerPoint lectures, along with exam level problems for all chapters. I have provided the syllabus for more detailed information. Here is a more detailed description of the course: "This is a first course in probability and statistics. We will begin by considering some graphical displays to summarize data. We will then introduce some fundamental concepts necessary for the study of probability, such as the sample spaces, and events. We will study counting techniques and use them to compute probabilities of events in equiprobable spaces. We will discuss conditional probability, independence, and the Bayes’ theorem. We will study probability distributions of both discrete and continuous random variables, the concepts...
Uni statistics exam - please help
Hi, Could I get a quote for my Stats exam to be done within 24 hours? I have attached both a past paper and solutions so you have an idea of what the actual exam will be like. James...
Make a survey for undergrad class
For this assignment, you will design a survey to investigate some communication-related phenomenon that you are interested in. Your topic MUST have a clear connection to communicate studies. Some example topics that students have selected in the past: Binge-watching behaviors and perceptions as to whether it affects academic performance How (and about what topics) college students communicate with their parents Privacy and self-disclosure on social media Willingness and desire to discuss political issues with friends, family, and people online How students communicate with their roommates Students’ attitudes toward the value in communicating with professors during office hours Be creative and choose a topic that you may wish to conduct an actual survey about one day! What do I turn in? The assignment has three parts: Part 1. In about three or four paragraphs, explain… Your topic and why it is important to study The real-world implications the results could yield (and for whom) Why this research is most effectively addressed via a survey -- justify rationale What type of survey you will use (e.g., trend survey) -- justify rationale Your populatio...
For this section you will not be using the dataset or the Statistical Package R for your calculations.
You will be working with a subset of a Female Reproductive Health Survey (Female RHS) provided in the folder for final assignment. This dataset consists of a sample of female who participated in the RHS in a selected Caribbean country. You will also need to use the document, Sample questions for Female RHS. This document has selected questions as they appeared on the questionnaire that was administered to collect data on reproductive health of women in a selected Caribbean country....
CC505/2-Introduction to Graduate Statistics
WHAT YOU NEED TO TURN INTO BLACKBOARD CASE STUDY DROPBOX: • PowerPoint (or similar presentation) with all your findings • Excel workbook with all associated work • Statdisk (or other technology) work, if used You have been provided three months of house sales for a California real estate company. Use this data to complete the tasks below. You may use any tools covered during the course for these problems. 1. DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS. a. Determine the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of price for each property type (short sale, regular, and foreclosure). Round answers to two decimal places. The answer should also be in $$. b. Create a pie chart to show the proportion of short sales, regular sales, and foreclosures the real estate company conducted. c. Create a stacked bar chart on the number of short sales, regular sales, and foreclosures in each location. 2. CORRELATION, Determine if selling price and square footage is correlated: a. What is the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (r)? Round your answer to the second decimal place. b. Is it a direct (positive) or indirect (negative) correlation? c. What kind of relationship does it indicat...
Stats homework help that needs to be done in 2 hours
10 mutiple choice homework questions Currently shopping and seeing who will work long term. Prices so far about $30-35 since its only 10 mutiple choice. If i get a good experience with anyone here i will be working with you long term....
Statistics homework, I need help with some questions for stats
I need help with stats homework, there are three chapters to complete but they dont have a lot of questions, I will provide all information needed to access and complete the hw...
Unit 9 Statistics test Comparing Populations
Anything higher than 80% is fine. I don't have many requirements outside of that. Must be done Sunday before 11:59. There's an hour and fifteen-minute time limit....
I need help Completing lumen ohm assignment homework
I need someone who can completely ruin only so assignment and at least an 85 percentile I will pay more the Homeworks required knowledge of statistics in calculator usage they are due at the end of the night...
statistic exam 7:15pm est 5/13/2021
It will be an online exam 2 hour exam Content: likelihood, hypothesis testing, most powerful test Unsure of amount of questions Would like to get a 90+...

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What Is Statistics and Probability?

Statistics deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Probability, on the other hand, is a mathematical tool used to study randomness and to measure the likelihood of an event. The two subjects link naturally. To calculate probability, we need data, which we get from statistics.

As coursework, Statistics & probability transcend boundaries. It is used in medicine, featuring heavily in trials of new drugs, and assessing risk factors. It also plays a role in social and natural science in experiments and observations. 

In finance and investment, statistics and probability help in the evaluation of risk. Financial advisors and investment and risk analysts have all studied probability and statistics. That’s the knowledge they use to estimate and predict the risk involved in a business venture. They are also helpful as economic experts, advising the governments on the viability of different programs. 

Generally, anything involving observing, reporting, and predicting an outcome applies statistics and probability. As a student, you give yourself an excellent opportunity by scoring highly in the course as it is applicable in a wide variety of fields.

Main statistics homework help topics: Questions and Answers

We can help you with any homework problems relating to statistics. Some of the subject areas include:

  • Mean, median, mode and range
  • Designing a study 
  • Stem and leaf plots
  • Histograms
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Scatter plots and correlation
  • Basic probability
  • Geometric probability
  • Compound events
  • Combinations and Permutations, etc.

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References and Statistical Learning Materials

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