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Descriptive Statistics Exam…..
I need someone to write Descriptive Statistics test on January 20 6:30 pm (LA TIIME), you will have 1 and half hour to complete it. And also you will need to use statcrunch in order to be able to answer questions....
Bayesian and Likelihood Exam - 20th - 2hrs
This is not the exam but i need someone to take a similar exam to this as it is the mock on Thursday the 20th to have it complete before the desired time. You have 2hours...
Statistics - Exercise to be presented in less that 1 hour
A new training programme is designed to improve the performance of 100-metre runners. A random sample of nine 100-metre runners were trained according to this programme and, in order to assess its effectiveness, they participated in a run before and after completing this training programme. The times (in seconds) for each runner were recorded and are shown below. The aim is to determine whether this training programme is effective in reducing the average times of the runners. Before training 12.5 9.6 10.0 11.3 9.9 11.3 10.5 10.6 12.0 After training 12.3 10.0 9.8 11.0 9.9 11.4 10.8 10.3 12.1 i. Carry out an appropriate hypothesis test at two appropriate significance levels to determine whether this training programme is effective at reducing the average times of the runners. State the test hypotheses, and specify your test statistic and its distribution under the null hypothesis. Comment on your findings. ii. State any assumptions you made in part i. iii. Compute an 80% confidence interval for the difference in the means of the times. iv. On the basis of the data alone, would you recommend this training programme to a runner? Explain why or why n...
Final Exam for Introductory Stat for Business course
Take Final Exam for Introductory Statistics for Business Class - I need at least 95% on the test. I need a test taker who has mastered the first 8 chapters of the textbook that can be found in the following link: (Click the title to download) He/she must be easily able to correctly answer the 2 uploaded tests. I would like to meet the professional in advance to check in advance. Msg me any time. The test holds place on Dec 21, morning EST (Easter Standard Time) It lasts for ~2 hours. msg me at 609-554-2751...
Stats project on chi squared and association
3 parts of a stats project . chi squared. needs to be done with statkey and answers written out on a word doc. I have the data collected and on an excel spread sheet. one quantiave and 2 categorical...
Exam Test Help for my statistics course: exponential functions, working with means and distribution function
Would I be able to send you a couple of my exam questions for you to do for me? my expectations are that all my questions are answered. I will send you an image of the question and I expect it to be answered in 10 minutes tops and you may send me a picture of your answer. This exam is today (Dec 14th) from 3:30-6:30 pm....
Statistics in Action Course Project SAT2023
Please type your work (recommended) or write your report on separate sheet of paper. Your project should present your data, answer all the required questions and provide any additional analysis or conclusions you think may be of use. There is no required word count, but it should be 2-3 pages – possibly longer depending on your use of graphs and the level of detail in your analysis...
Statistics in Biology Final Review Questions
Review questions for a final. please answer all! Does not have to be too detailed. Textbook used in class is foundational and applied statistics for biologists using R by Ken A. Aho...
Need an online Test taken in statics and it is proctored
Log into my pc and take a proctored test. So some kinda remote desktop or we can use a free version of one. It will be tomorrow at what ever time we decide....
Stat Reasoning and Application
I have a statistic exam that is due today at 11:59pm. It has 31 questions and has a time limit. There’s only one attempt to take the exam, so it would be great if someone who has experience in the subject to take it....
Naive bayesian classifier problem
1. You have algorithmic trading machine, which automatically buys TSLA when a twitter message by Elon Musk only is Positive and short sell TSLA when it is Negative, using Naïve Bayesian. He just tweeted! Tweet: “ Blow the whistle” Naïve Bayesian classifier related info: You randomly selected 10,000 messages from Twitter and manually classified into Positive, Neutral, and Negative categories. It turns out that 3,000 of them are Positive, 4,000 are Neutral, and 3,000 are Negative. In each group, the number of messages that have the word “blow” are 60 (Positive), 100 (Neutral), 300 (Negative), respectively. Also, in each group, the number of messages that have the word “whistle” are 120 (Positive), 200 (Neutral), and 400 (Negative), respectively. Simply based on these two words, determine what the machine would do....
College Level Statistics Test
Would need the answers and work provided to me via pdf upon completion. The test consists of 24 questions, 20 of which are multiple-choice, and 4 are short answer questions ....
Biostatistics quiz for mpg program
Need help with Biostatistics quiz for mph program. Tight time constrains and need all calculations to be shown clearly. Needed urgently in a clear manner...
Final exam for statistics- looking for someone to take exam or help answer questions via chat or video chat
The test is completed on knewton Alta. Mostly multi choice. It needs to be completed within 4 hours of starting as it has a timed requirement. The test is for statistics...
Hypothesis Testing with Simple Linear Regression (OLS)
I will need the R file used to complete the assignments. Comments must be used to explain work. Read the instructions carefully. ALL questions must be answered. I will adjust price after assessing work quality....
stat 200 assignment 3 inferential statistics analysis and writeup umuc
stat 200 assignment 3 inferential statistics analysis and writeup umuc Looking for help with stat 200 assignment 3 inferential statistics analysis and writeup umuc. Please help me complete this assignment on time. I have hired experts to do my stat 200 assignments before on Tutlance and got very good grades. I am unable to reach my tutor and this is urgent. I am willing to pay someone to do my stat 200 assignments all of them at once. I am really late and want a good grade....
Second year of university Statistics questions. Density functions. gaussian distributions.
It would only be solving the three exercises before tonight or before tomorrow morning. There has to be proof of the steps taken and the theorems/propositions have to be stated....
Proctored exam - need help with Statistics and Probability
What to focus on for the midterm: 1) Mean and median calculations 2) Measures of central tendency and spread and for which type of data these can be used 3) Outlier detection (the formula with the IQR) 4) How to calculate the 95% CI 5) Sampling types (probability and non-probability sampling) 6) Power relation to some variables (understand the formula but do not memorize it verbatim) 7) Probability formulas when you have independent events or not; also when you have mutually exhaustive events or not. Conditional probability and how it is calculated. 8) Test diagnostics: How to calculate Se, Sp, PPV, and NPV --Also how to calculate PPV using the Bayes theorem and using the prior information about the prevalence of the disease (P of D+) 9) For the binomial distribution: Expected value of X= E(X)=? P (X=k) = ? P(X <=k) = ? think about adding all the possible options or sometimes 1- complement Poisson distribution: Poisson distribution: E(X)=? Var (X)=? P(X=k)= ? If you can get the expected value, can you get lamda? Or of you have lamda, can you get the expected value? 10) Normal distribution – asking about X P (X>k)= ? need to transform to a Z score and use t...
RStudio Statistics Assignment!
Use RStudio to perform various types of statistical calculations accompanied by brief explanations of the answers in order to demonstrate understanding. The code in the attached file should be pasted into an RStudio script and saved as a .Rmd, where it can be previewed or knitted into a HTML. You will need to install the packages listed at the top of the script. I'm not sure how much these things are worth but am willing to pay more....
Need help with my online math class, please and thank you.
Need someone to log into my online math class and complete the homework and tests. Willing to work something out weekly and pay more if done before due date :)...

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Online Statistics Homework Answers Website

If you need Statistics help, then you don’t have to struggle anymore now that you have found us. 

Our platform has experts who will help you with any problem in statistics and probability to better your grades. With our experts, we are the site you need if you intend to take your understanding of statistical and probability to greater heights.

If you are not convinced yet, keep reading to learn more about the opportunity we are offering you. But first, why is statistics and probability an important unit in your coursework?

What Is Statistics and Probability?

Statistics deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Probability, on the other hand, is a mathematical tool used to study randomness and to measure the likelihood of an event. The two subjects link naturally. To calculate probability, we need data, which we get from statistics.

As coursework, Statistics & probability transcend boundaries. It is used in medicine, featuring heavily in trials of new drugs, and assessing risk factors. It also plays a role in social and natural science in experiments and observations. 

In finance and investment, statistics and probability help in the evaluation of risk. Financial advisors and investment and risk analysts have all studied probability and statistics. That’s the knowledge they use to estimate and predict the risk involved in a business venture. They are also helpful as economic experts, advising the governments on the viability of different programs. 

Generally, anything involving observing, reporting, and predicting an outcome applies statistics and probability. As a student, you give yourself an excellent opportunity by scoring highly in the course as it is applicable in a wide variety of fields.

Main statistics homework help topics: Questions and Answers

We can help you with any homework problems relating to statistics. Some of the subject areas include:

  • Mean, median, mode and range
  • Designing a study 
  • Stem and leaf plots
  • Histograms
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Scatter plots and correlation
  • Basic probability
  • Geometric probability
  • Compound events
  • Combinations and Permutations, etc.

We can’t list all of them here, but don’t hesitate if you have any homework relating to probability and statistics. Our experts welcome all sorts of problems, and nothing is too challenging for them to handle. 

Homework Answers Online Tutors Near Me
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References and Statistical Learning Materials

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