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C++ program to calculate Cellular Automata
This should not need any specific material only that we are supposed to only use simple #include statements like or . Everything else is in the photo linked below....
c++ backtracking program- Word search
Please see the attached file for details. The program should work to the specification(Check attached file). The program should be implemented in C++ and should go through the specific test files the program document provides....
C++ wordsearch- backtracking algorithm
Please see the attached file for details. The program should work to the specification but also, I would like a written algorithm for the program by Aug 10th. The program should be implemented in C++ and should you the specific test files the program document provides....
cplusplus programming coursework
you should produce a working implementation of the Dynamic Huffman Coding algorithm written in C++ which is capable of compressing and decompressing an ASCII text message. Remember Vitter’s PASCAL implementation of the algorithm has been provided to you to make this task easier to complete but it may not be the only way to implement Vitter’s algorithm. To gain maximum marks for this task you should make good use of C++'s capabilities such as dynamic memory management, object-orientation and the Standard Template Library, and demonstrate a good coding style via appropriate and meaningful naming conventions, good code commenting and well structured and organised code (such as separate .h/.cpp files for each class). Your project should be developed in Visual Studio 2019 as a Win32 Console project. Your implementation should perform validation checks on any input data and include exception handling (where appropriate) to promote robustness. Your code should include comments throughout to aid readability and maintainence - you may wish to begin this process by including Vitter’s own comments from his PASCAL code implementation. Please note you should use an encoding scheme for...
Build a Simple Text Adventure Game for Beginner C++
I need a small, simple text adventure game made for my Intro to C++ class. The assignment is due at 11:30PM tonight, so it is urgent. There are a few requirements listed in the attached photo, but overall the expectation is low because it is an intro class. On the assignment it states that the .cpp file is required, as well as a flowchart and pseudocode. If time is an issue, I can accept either flowchart or pseudocode and do the other myself, but .cpp is a must. Willing to work with price....
Build a simple text adventure game
Assignment Prompt: Build A Simple Text Adventure Game For your final project, your instructor would like to see your creativity in coding! Your instructor has tasked you with creating a text adventure game ( they were really popular in the 1980's - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text-based_game). Your instructor encourages you to really let your imagination run wild with this project and wants it to be a very fun project for you to show case your skills you have learned in class this term! Here are the graded requirements: A minimum of eight functions for your program (chapter 6 materials). Demonstrate usage of the following concepts in your program (you must document this in your code comments): basic arithmetic expressions (chapter 2 materials) user input and program output (chapter 3 materials) use of if statements, if/else statements, and if/else if/.../else statements (must use all three types at a minimum of four times per each type - chapter 4 materials) use of looping constructs ( for loop, while loop, do/while loop - use each type of loop at a minimum of for times per each type of loop - chapter 5 materials) utilization of arrays (this is the tricky part, m...
Templates in C++ / Polynomials
You need to complete Exercise 5 and create different templates/typedefs/classes. For this you'll need to take a quick look at Exercise 4. It's not a big project, you should be able to finish it in 1-2 hours....
multiple c++ programs with screen shots
Please put your name on line 4, compile it, and show the following program's output (screen capture). 1.// This program is used by General Crates, Inc. to calculate 2.// the volume, cost, customer charge, and profit of any crate 3// to be built, when given its dimensions....
Help Coding FIFOS Functions in C++ with Linux
The instructions are in folder with all files, please add explanations so I can study them, price can be discussed as long as you can do the task, thanks...
Creating a Code to Calculate my Grade. Must read from a file
Write your algorithm as a complete program: Put ALL your grades in the following file include the file grades.txt (below) with all your grades as needed in the following format: category grade Calculate each portion of your grade Display the averages Display the final numerical grade Display your grade as a letter grade...
C++ cryptocurrency market project
For this project, you will be implementing a rudimentary market for cryptocurrencies. A class, name "Exchange", has public member functions that allow for the deposit and withdrawl of various assets (e.g. Bitcoin, Etherum and US Dollars). Orders to buy and sell assets at a specfied price can also be made and the exchange will perform trades as possible to fulfill orders. Lastly, the exchange has member function dedicated to printing out the current status of the exchange (i.e. what is in each user's portfolio, what orders have been opened and filled, what trades have taken place, and what the current prices are for the assets being traded. The starter code has three header files and 4 imlementation files. Some of these files have content in them already, but you are welcome to add, remove or change any part of the code given. Each test case wil compile the implementation files and include the exchange.h and/or utility.h if it makes use of a class declared within. The useraccount files are not directly included in the test cases, but they can be optionally used to store and munipulate information associated with a user's account (as helper class(es) for the exchange). The provide...
hire people do my online quiz about c++ programming
I have an online quiz about C++ programming at 9:30 am on 6 April. The time limit for the quiz is 30 minute. I will deliver lectures related to the quiz. Thanks...

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College C++ Programming Homework Help

So, you’ve decided you need C++ assignment help? Well, we provide students, from high schools to institutions of higher learning, with homework service.

Students need fundamental knowledge about C/C++ algorithms. Understanding this is the key to solving complex computer system problems. We know students may struggle to learn this, and it often takes time. Thus, we chip in to provide a well-structured algorithm in C++ assignments.

Our work goes beyond getting you good grades in the assignment to also improving your understanding algorithms of these two programming languages. An algorithm is a set of commands that help you complete a task. Once you understand the algorithm, you can quickly complete the programming task by yourself, especially in an exam room.

do my C++ homework for me

Would you need C++ assignment help?

C++ is a sophisticated yet efficient general-purpose middle-level programming language based on C, developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. Being an extended version of the C language, together, we signify them by C/C++.

C++ is among the most popular languages, which makes it a wise investment for students and all programmers to learn. It is also a core unit computer science, and most of today’s applications, operating systems, system drivers, and games use it as their core language.

Reasons why you need help with c++ programming assignment

C++ is virtually impossible to replace that is the core reason why you might need help with c++ programming assignment in college. We use it in game development, rendering engines, and windows applications, which are the field areas for computer science graduates.

Its codes directly interact with the integrated hardware of the computer. By understanding the programming language, you smoothly learn the computer’s internal architecture, and how its memory works, how it stores and retrieves information. 

Core Areas in c++ programming assignment help

The assignment areas in both C and C++ often deal with the application of the programming languages. As a middle-level language, C++ forms an inherent part of most software applications.

C++ differs with both C and Pascal in one way as it provides a clear-cut mechanism to support the difference in program specification and implementation through Class. So, as a C++ student, you need to understand how to use Class efficiently. 

Generally, the C/C++ assignment help areas include:

  1. Flow Control – How to implement If…else Statement, for Loop, do…while Loop, break & continue, switch Statement, and goto Statement
  2. Functions – testing your understanding of C++ Functions, Function Types, Function Overloading, Default Argument, Storage Class, and C++ Recursion.
  3. Structures – Examines your knowledge in Structure, Structure and Function, Pointers to Structure, and Enumeration.
  4. Arrays & String – C++ Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Function and Array, and C++ String.
  5. Object & Class – C++ Constructors, Objects & Function, and Operator Overloading.
  6. Inheritance – C++ Inheritance, Function Overriding, Multilevel Inheritance, Friend Function, Virtual Function, and Templates.
  7. Pointers – C++ Pointer, Pointers and Arrays, Pointers and Functions, Memory Management.

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